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Behavior Modification


The Heartland Veterinary Hospital behavior modification and obedience training program is structured to help you teach your dog and guide him to become the obedient, well mannered companion you desire.  Obedience classes at Heartland are designed to provide you with techniques for teaching basic skills to your dog while strengthening the bond and relationship you share.  The classes are held once a week during eight week sessions.

To join an obedience class, call Heartland Veterinary Hospital at 859.238.7500 and ask to speak to an obedience trainer.  Get your pet started down the road to an obedient, trusting, enjoyable lifestyle.

Has your pet developed bad habits that are driving a wedge in your relationship? Behavior modification may be the step required to help reverse bad habits or replace them with positive behaviors. This process generally requires one-on-one interactions with a trainer and a veterinarian. Together, they design and implement a training regimen that promotes safe and steady results. 

Call today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation and consultation. Let Heartland help transform your dog into the best friend he or she was meant to be.