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Dental Care


Dental disease is the most common disease condition ailing pets today. It is one of the leading causes of heart, liver, and kidney disease in animals. Dental disease drastically alters the health and well-being of pets, shortening their lives by years. The signs of dental disease are often as subtle as bad breath, drooling, and discoloration. Left unresolved, the bacteria in the tarter begins to spread from the teeth to the surrounding gum tissues, causing root damage, root abscesses, tooth decay and/or loose teeth. Eventually, these bacteria leave the mouth via the blood stream and seed infection in distant parts of the body causing wide spread disease and early death. 
The risk of developing dental disease can be significantly reduced by feeding Royal Canin's Dental Diet, brushing pets' teeth, feeding hard vegetables such as raw potatoes and carrots, using C.E.T. chews, and avoiding soft or canned dog foods. Regardless of the preventative measures taken, all pets eventually require professional cleaning to remove bacteria laden tarter from their teeth.

Heartland Veterinary Hospital offers a dental package to ensure complete cleaning and safety for your pet.

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